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Join our Passion Twist Class with Miz Crystal, a master braider and the talented owner of Sistah’s Braid Too! 🌟
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Braiding Skills

Are you ready to take your braiding skills to the next level and boost your revenue? Look no further! We are thrilled to offer you a fantastic opportunity to learn the art of Passion Twists from the best in the industry. Miz Crystal has years of experience and a passion for creating stunning hairstyles that will leave your clients in awe.

In this intensive 2-hour class, you will receive hands-on training that you cannot get from a video tutorial. Miz Crystal will guide you through each process step, sharing her expert techniques and insider tips to help you achieve flawless Passion Twists. You’ll learn everything from sectioning the hair to creating the perfect twists and ensuring longevity.

Not only will you gain invaluable skills and knowledge, but this class will also provide you with a significant boost in revenue. Passion Twists are a trendy and sought-after hairstyle, and by mastering this technique, you can attract more clients and increase your earning potential. Many students have reported generating hundreds of dollars in additional income each month after attending our class!

But that’s not all! You will receive a certificate to showcase your new expertise upon completing the same-day training test. This certificate serves as a testament to your skills and provides your clients with confidence in your abilities.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to learn Passion Twists from Miz Crystal. Limited spots are available, so secure your place today!

Classes will be held every Tuesday at 4pm

For any inquiries or further information, please contact us at 313-600-6859. We can’t wait to see you at the class and help you elevate your braiding game to new heights!


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